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Touch base with the right importers and distributors. We lead brands to their right partners through B2B lead generation and nurturing, CRM, and activation.

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Your key-in-hand CRM solution to expand your business in China, generate and nurture B2B leads, and connect through WeChat under your company name.

Wine Fairs & Events Lead Generation Tool

Wine fairs, master classes and tasting events are the best places to connect with professionals in the industry. However, it can be difficult to generate qualified leads, and WeChat connections often remain private (within brand representative or private staff WeChat accounts), without being shared with the brand owner. Thanks to our lead generation solution, all leads are collected by the brand itself, including WeChat ID, allowing the brand to truly benefit from its go-to-market efforts and investments.

Manage your sales team and build your WeChat network with your company

Set up your team and create WeChat business cards for your sales managers. Connect on WeChat with your partners, prospects, and customers, and collect all leads into your company account. And if you happen to part ways with a member of your team, no worries – you will keep your contact data and WeChat connections, and a new hire will be able to take over all of your brand’s relationships with partners and customers.

Consolidated data for a global CRM solution

While remaining 100% compliant with the new China data privacy law, all leads are enriched with additional data (ex. company name and LinkedIn profile), and saved into a leading CRM solution easily accessible by the brand owners from anywhere in the world and fully translated into English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Japanese.

Nurture Leads with engaging content, 1-to-1 communication, and WeChat Moments

After the first contact, it’s important to nurture your best leads and increase brand recognition in the long term to facilitate the work of your sales force and increase your chances of closing deals. We produce engaging content and deploy campaigns entirely dedicated to nurturing the leads that offer growth potential.

Customer Support in local languages

Customer support in Chinese can be difficult for brands who don’t have a native sales team on the ground or brand representatives who speak the language. We offer a key-in-hand solution with a trained customer support team able to answer all inquiries from importers and customers in Chinese.

New China Privacy Law 100% Compliant

ChinaCRM is 100% compliant with the new data privacy law which will be enforced in Mainland China beginning in November. We offer full visibility on actions taken and results obtained, and guarantee absolute confidentiality of your data.
With offices in Nanjing, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, and a team based in 11 markets, travel restrictions can’t stop us from fueling your expansion. We are on-site 365 days a year, ready to participate in events and maintain a close relationship with your business partners in their local languages.

China Wine Market
Overview & Insights

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Chinese Market
  • Getting to Know Chinese Wine Consumers
  • Domestic Wine Production
  • Who Are the Key Players in China’s Imported Wine Market
  • How to Enter the Chinese Market
  • Using Digital Platforms & E-commerce to Boost Your Sales and Build Your Brand Awareness
  • How to Connect with Chinese Consumers
  • Conclusion

How to Grow Your Wine Sales in China

The ultimate guide to achieving sales growth in China, including data, strategies, and expert recommendations to help wineries find success in the Chinese market.

How to Grow your Wine Sales in China

Start your Wine Journey in Asia with a Strategic Workshop

Half-Day Remote Workshop including Brand Positioning,  Competition Analysis, Key Audiences Analysis, and Communication Strategy and Plan.

Half-Day Remote Workshop including Distribution Mapping, Pricing Structure, Competition Analysis, Sales Channel Opportunities and Route-to-Market Strategy.

Half-Day Remote Workshop including China Digital Landscape Introduction, Channels Overview (Key Data, Strengths, Opportunities, Requirements to Open Accounts),  Influencers and E-commerce Strategies.

Half-Day Remote Workshop including Introduction to Wine Trade in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. Trade Structure, Route-to-Market, Digital Ecosystem.

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