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Join the first Wine & Spirits network covering the whole Asia-Pacific region, both B2B & B2C, in local languages.

Reach Asian Consumers
All Along the Customer Journey

We help Wine & Spirits brands enter Asian markets, raise awareness and build long-term and strong relationships with their customers and business partners, all while increasing their sales through online and offline channels.

Raise Brand Awareness

Reach up to 1M wine lovers per week with engaging content through mainstream and Asia-based social channels.

Create Emotional Connections

Raise positive consumer sentiment and motivate buying intention with Asian top influencers, key opinion leaders and bloggers.

Generate Trust

Get engaging reviews in local languages from the most renowned sommeliers, wine experts, and educators in Asia.

Boost Your Sales

Reach Premium wine buyers and boost your offline and online sales all around Asia with sales-oriented campaigns and a ready-made e-commerce infrastructure.

Reach the whole Asia-Pacific region and boost your marketing efficiency through one dedicated network.

Increase your presence in Asia by combining branding and performance

Influencer Marketing

Work with top Asian influencers to strengthen your brand presence and reputation, generate positive consumer sentiment, and harness this to motivate sales.

Content & Inbound Marketing

Create engaging and SEO-friendly content in local languages to spread your message and educate your target audiences across the Asia-Pacific region.

Digital Campaigns

Increase your brand awareness and reach your target audiences with effective digital campaigns fully compliant with all target markets’ alcoholic advertising laws.

Video Production

Engage your audience and stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds with impactful and tailor-made videos featuring popular celebrity Asian sommeliers, chefs, models and wine experts.

Press Relation

Spread your message across Asia and influence the conversation with the latest stories about your brand shared through our press networks.

Markets Insights
& Localization

Reduce time-to-market, achieve competitive advantages, and reach market penetration, revenue, and profitability targets with relevant consumer insights and tailor-made strategies.

Events & By-the-glass Operations

Sample your products during friendly tasting events and by-the-glass operations organized in restaurants and hotels all around Asia with top sommeliers and influencers.

Community Management

Position your brand in an authentic way that is sensitive to the Asian cultures on the most popular social media.​ Open official accounts on WeChat, Weibo, LINE, and other Asia-based platforms for your brand.

Lead Generation,
CRM & Brokerage

Expand your brand to new markets and find the best importers and distributors which will support sales generation and achievement of your business goals.

Enter new markets

Start selling in Mainland China and other Asian markets through our ready-made importation/distribution channels and e-commerce infrastructure. We facilitate sampling to influencers, industry experts, and potential distributors and help you engage with them in local languages.
Potential Reach Per Week

Build your presence in Mainland China

Optimize your digital infrastructure for Mainland China. We help you set up and manage official accounts on the main Chinese social channels and provide hosting solutions, including ICP license application, to power your presence in this market.

Latest Markets Insights


Gift your products to influencers

Gift your products to trend-setting bloggers, influencers, and sommeliers from China, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia and enjoy free exposure to their huge followings on social accounts in return. “Product seeding” is also an unrivalled way to catch the eye of industry experts and distributors.

Apply for Official Accounts on WeChat, Weibo, Toutiao, LINE, and other Asia-based channels

Grow your own community and chat with your customers on the most popular Asia-Based social channels and messaging apps. Contact us to open official accounts for your brand and optimize your digital infrastructure for all Asian markets, especially Mainland China.

Drive Traffic and engage users through powerful content

Engage your followers with rich, impactful content including videos, photos, articles, livestreams, and masterclasses. We support you in the execution of marketing campaigns on Chinese and other Asian social media, both via CPC/CPM advertising and through top influencers.

Sell your wine in China and other Asian markets with ready-made online shops

Thanks to our importation facilities and ready-made e-commerce infrastructure, we are able to sell your wine online in a matter of days in Mainland China and other Asia-Pacific countries.

The Most Renowned Sommeliers and Wine Educators from Asia

Our team of top sommeliers from China, Japan, South Korea,  and Southeast Asia will be pleased to rate your wine, make tasting videos, and promote your products in local languages in their respective markets.
The Asian Sommeliers

Wine Review

Wine review made by our exclusive community The Asian Sommeliers, crafted specifically to match Asian consumers' tastes.

Wine Tasting

Video wine tastings and reviews made by The Asian Sommeliers in local languages to promote your wine in their respective markets via social media.


The Asian Sommeliers will be delighted to take part in live tastings, Masterclasses, or sales livestreams through a range of social and e-commerce channels.

Case Study

Livestream with The Asian Sommeliers

Discover the world’s most popular sparkling wine, from one of its most prestigious producers, Villa Sandi! Livestream through the Cellar & Friends community with five renowned sommeliers from China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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When Marketing Meets Sales, both Online and Offline

A team of local experts

Our network is made up of highly-skilled local and Western professionals based throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including young and passionate digital and marketing specialists, freelancers, certified sommeliers, sales managers, and experienced brand representatives working in the wine industry in Asia for more than 20 years.

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